Before I start this article let me explain, I couldn’t submit this article because I had used the word “search” to often, so I’ll change a few words, for “seek engine” or “explore”, but I mean the “S” word. Makes the article sound a bit like an advert for the newest “decision engine”, but you get that on the big jobs…

Website Optimization or Optimisation for us British spellers,  is several different techniques used to make a website rank highly, in search engines, on the first page is what I aim for, and how several times on the first page of a “Seek engine”. When I say rank well, I mean appear highly in the results of a search.

The big thing about “Website Optimization”, is you don’t want to rank well in “explore” engines for just a few keywords or phrases, you want to have your site appearing high in searches for hundreds or even thousands of search phrases, because people search for the same thing in different ways.

Just to prove a point how did you find this page in a search engine, was it from “seeking” for “What is website search optimisation”, or “website SEO what is it”, or simple “website search engine optimisation” or “SEO” or “Website Optimization, you may have even done a search for “Optimization Search Engine what is it” or SEO price list.

As you will notice, I am getting my optimisation and optimizations mixed up here, because being a Kiwi (New Zealander) we spell it with a s, and of because Americans spell it with a z. I’m trying really hard to get my spelling Americanised because funnily enough many Kiwi’s use the word optimized, I guess because the term Search Engine Optimization was coined in America, so it sort of belongs to them, yet optimised has been around for years as a meaning to make better.

SEO Website Optimization

My point is that the job of any GOOD SEO or website optimization consultant is to make your website findable in search engines for as many related and similar keywords as humanly possible, and it isn’t too hard when you know what you are doing. So why do SEO charge so much if it’s easy, its because its time consuming, yes very time consuming, but hard to do, no, well I don’t think so.