When you are starting your online business one of the most likely actions you will take will be to build a successful SEO website. The most vital aspect or key to making this a successful website and what will eventually rank it highly with the search engines will be the keywords that will be scattered throughout your site. It is your keywords that the search engine spiders will search for and rank your website on. Not only how often the keywords are used or overused but also the relevance of them in relation to your website description is what determines how the web spiders rank. To make your keywords be an effective tool these following tips will assist.

  • Plan your website and how many pages will make it beneficial, ensure your pages have distinctive 4-5 word titles that are relative to the site. The keywords of these pages and your title should be included in your tags. The importance I am trying to stress to you here is that all pages need to have relevant titles to your content as well as all pages relate to your sites title.
  • Once you have planned your pages think what type of viewer you want to attract to your website and what kind of keywords they would use to search for your site, put yourself in their position and think creatively and think of all types of situations. Use the different websites software to search these keywords to see how popular they are. The results on this will tell you if you are on the right track. Check other similar websites for inspiration as well, nothing wrong with using your competitors to give you inspiration, but is not right to blatantly copy, remember by having unique and keyword rich websites bring their rewards.
  • Now that you have your pages planned and found your keywords you now need to plan how you will use your keywords. If you overuse them you risk your website being penalized for doing this as well as putting your website at risk of being banned by the search engines. Not to mention making your website unattractive to viewers.
  • I mentioned it earlier but it is worth stating again – be creative – make your website unique and by doing this you will attract the traffic you desire and the web spiders will like what they see and you find yourself in a win win situation.

So recapping the points I have highlighted above all come down to planning and research. Be careful the keywords you choose are not the over competitive, look for long tail keywords and unusual ones but be careful how often you use them and where you use them.