Most of us redesign our websites at least once – some people redesign every few years to keep the website looking fresh & up to date – but are you taking into account SEO in your redesign plans?

Having a website designed without any thought to search engine friendliness is one thing – but redesigning a website without taking SEO into account, is a a mistake that could cost you.


Quite simply, if you’re at the stage that you’re planning a redesign, things must be moving forward, the project hasn’t gone out of the window as many projects do, it’s picking up speed, you’re getting traffic which is more than likely why you want to redesign, in order to increase conversion rates & give yourself a more professional image.

So at this stage you’re going to be considering SEO, search engine optimization, to increase the organic search engine traffic to your website.

If you have your website redesigned now purely from a design perspective, without consulting a professional SEO – you would be having your website redesigned with common design obstacles which will make it more difficult, more time consuming – and therefore more costly for an SEO consultant to get results for you once the redesign has been done.

Worse still, there may be obstacles which can’t be overcome, and the SEO you hire may insist on more design work in order to get around design obstacles.

For instance, if I have a client who has a flash page intro home page leading to an entry page – for example – I will not work with the website unless a redesign is done to take this out, as it’s a waste of my clients money, and my time, trying to achieve good results for websites which have such large design obstacles to climb over. There are a number of other design obstacles which I just won’t work around, I’ll insist that some redesign is done to get rid of the obstacles – or I won’t get involved. It’s not about the money, for good SEO consultants – it’s about the results, and any true professional is the same.

A great house builder wouldn’t attempt to build on unstable land that is likely to cause the collapse of the houses at some stage, a great actor won’t take on a role in a film that has a terrible script, regardless of the money involved, and a good SEO consultant will not be keen to work on a website which is full of serious design obstacles if the client will not agree to redesign them out.

So – if you’re considering a website redesign, consider consulting an SEO consultant first – to make sure that the redesign gets rid of any current SEO design obstacles, and makes the website as search engine friendly as humanly possible – which will then potentially save you money when it comes to SEO for the website in the future.