In a world where existence becomes a question whether someone or something can be found in a Search Engine Index or not, one of the Major Questions for Webmasters is how to become a part of those Indexes and how to get to the top. While target one, being in that index is quite easy to reach, target two, reaching the top, is something that most often cause some headache.

I give you one example: Let’s say you are the world best insurance company,
and you offer the best, cheapest and most secure insurances in the world. Now
you open a webpage, offering people your wonderful insurances. The search
engines do not really know a lot about insurances, in fact they know nothing
about it at all, what they are looking for is keywords, content and relevancy.
So they rank your page among some 500.000.000 websites dealing with the keyword
insurance. And guess what, even the world best insurance would deserve rank 1 in
a search engine, you will be miles away for this spot when your site starts to
be being listed in the index.

Here is were SEO (Search Engine Optimization) starts. Now there are a lot of
companies and website professionals out there offering SEO for your website, and
I don’t want to talk about that for know. But lets look at the thing from a
simple point of view. One, there is the website. You can put in as much
intelligence in building that site as you want (in fact you have to), but at one
point, optimization is over. If there should be something like a score for
website content (including all Meta-Tags, Links, Anchor, etc), than there is a
maximum score, and if this maximum is reached… Bang you are there: 100 %,
nothing can be done with the website beyond that point.

Now looking at the search result for insurance, we have to face one thing: Even
if you belong to the Top 1 o/oo of Website Builders, there are still 500.000
websites which we have to assume getting a 100 % score for their site. And being
the last of a half a million list is the same like not being in the index at

If the answer to a good rank does not lie on or in the site, there is only one
place left were we will find the solution: Off the site. Try and search for
“miserable failure” and believe me, that those sites did NOT optimize their
websites toward this term. Have a look of how that works at Wikipedia.

Now, coming back to our insurance problem, here is what we have to do, after we
reached the 100 % score for our website: We have to find other websites willing
to link our site in order to be seen more relevant for the Search Engines. It
just an undenied fact, that whenever a search engine finds a link within a
Websites, which already has some relevance, it talks this link as important and
it will have a deeper look into the linked site. So, the more website linking
your site, the higher your own site’s relevancy will be. The higher the
relevancy, the higher the rank within the search engine result list.

Again, there are a lot of do and don’t with gathering such links, but if you
are looking for a ranking that stays stable for years, than you need to look for
high quality links every day. A good point to start with might be your customer
base. A lot of people have websites these days, and a lot more have their own
blog somewhere. Some of them might be willing to link your site, just because
they are very satisfied customers, some of them might do so if you offer them a
little commission for any successful business through their link.

If it comes to commission, it comes to affiliates. Obliviously there are a lot
of ready built affiliates Networks out there offering to bring your name and
your add on maybe thousands of websites in a couple of days. Yes, if you choose
the right Affiliate-Network, than this might be a good thing for your business
in regard of traffic, but it has almost no influence in regard of your website
rising in search engine results. Why is this? Well it is easy. Ads on those
Affiliate sites point to the Affiliate Network processing software. Here,
traffic is registered, analyzed and finally forwarded towards your landing page.
Thus, looking at relevancy, your Website is NOT linked by all those Ads, and
your rank will not go up by those links. Instead these links point to the
Network Company Site, and their rank will go up with your advert.

So, if you consider to work with affiliates (which you should), you should also
consider to use your own Affiliate software running under your own Domain, as
every Affiliate you gather will not only send you traffic, but he also will
point a link to your domain. So while you grow your own affiliate base, your
natural page ranking will become better and better.

Affiliate Marketing is one piece of a successful e-commerce story, it can be one
piece of a successful SEO Story if you succeed in building affiliates for your
own Affiliate Software running on your server.