Web site development includes internet business development, web content development, web designing, server-side/client-side scripting, and configuration of web server. Optimizing or developing a website in such a way that it favors search engines is referred to as SEO website development. As web content development and web designing are part of SEO, search engine optimization in websites can be considered as part of website development. Search engine optimization plays a vital role in web development. For internet business development also SEO is a must.

The purpose of search engine optimization in websites is to get top placement in the result pages of major search engines. Getting top position provides more accessibility to users. Websites that are placed in top positions of search engine results are browsed by majority of the users. The rest of the sites usually remain unnoticed. Therefore search engine optimization of websites is very important to serve the purpose of the site.

Each web page should be optimized in such a way that it meets standard codings such as HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0 and other related languages. Web pages should contain correctly positioned right and genuine content. Providing links from other websites, creation of titles and other procedures should be properly planned. Constant monitoring, reworking of links and contents, restructuring of the entire site which are all part of website development, are required for effective and stable search engine optimization. The algorithm of search engines can vary even overnight. At that time the sites have to be reconfigured to cope with the new set of rules. All these activities for optimizing websites come under SEO website development.

Considering some significant aspects of SEO website development, the website structure should be fully visible to the search engine spiders to rank the web pages. This includes text content, text links, proper Meta information, heading tags, externally referenced scripts etc. The URLs of websites should be static looking and free from unfriendly parameters. The contents on websites should be classified into different themes for ranking key words. Each theme should have a main page and sub pages for related topics. If ranking of a specific key word is required, that term is to be used within the copy on your website. Through competitive analysis the SEO team can determine how many times the key word is used. Web site development with SEO provides you with effective and meaningful websites.