SEO marketing is something that you should know as much about as possible if you have a website. You will find that the more that you know about this topic, the better off your website will be in terms of success. You will want to be sure that you understand what it takes to get the right amount of traffic and volume to have a successful website on your hands.

Website promotion consists of relevant keywords and a good title. You will need to be sure to put your title, keywords and your slogan along with any Meta tags right above the menu. This is what search engines will see first. Your headlines will need to contain your keywords as the headlines themselves are what search engines rate the most.

When it comes to the keywords, they need to be put in the description as well as the title tags. You will need to be sure that all of this is relevant to your website. The title needs to be no more than ten words and the description no more than twenty. This is what will keep the information easy to read. You will need to be careful with the type of content that you use for your site. Content like Flash cannot be read by most search engines. It will also make the pages very slow to load.

You will want to be sure that everything that is on your site is totally relevant to it. If you include any type of graphics, make sure that they are relevant. Never take attention away from what your website is about. Make sure that the tables that you use are very simple. When spiders, bots or crawlers are searching, they are most likely to find the most simple tables.

Your ranking will benefit from things like Java script files as well as cascading style sheets. This is because it will help to keep the overall page size reduced and will keep download time quick. Always remember to use a standard HTML whenever you can. This will help your page to be easier to crawl.