Realtors are great at sales and negotiating. They do all the things needed to get homes sold and help buyers find the perfect houses. They are masters at getting contracts closed and finding the perfect financing for their buyers.

What they are not great at is search engine marketing!

What is search engine marketing? It is also call Search Engine Optimization and it is what makes the search engines list your website. You can get free advertising if the search engines index your pages and rank them high for important search terms. These are called “organic” search results and cost you nothing!

Search engine marketing is not hard, it is a skill that anyone can learn easily and becomes second nature after you have done it for a while. It involves making sure your metatags and keywords are optimal, ensuring that you content is written to make the most of the search terms that will get the best exposure for your site and your listings and inviting the search engines to index your site.

While it is tempting to want to use search terms like “realtor” and “real estate”, those terms are WAY too broad to do you any good. You will be competing with the national chains, the lead generation companies and will, in most likelihood not get any traffic that will be looking to buy or sell houses in your area.

It is better to be VERY specific with your search term selections, using them in your keywords, description and your content. This way you are going to attract people who are interested in conducting real estate in your area. Use terms like New York City Real Estate, or even better get down to the neighborhood level and get truly targeted traffic!

You should make sure that your content matches the keywords you select and that there is enough of it to make the search engines take notice. You also should repeat your keywords in your content enough that engines notice BUT not so much that they think you are trying to scam them.

Last but not least, submit your site to the search engines. In this day and age you might get indexed someday, but inviting them to come visit your site will decrease the timeline greatly.

If you apply these tips to your search engine marketing, your site should be very visible to the engines and should provide you with more traffic and leads!