When trying to achieve a good page rank with a website and maintaining it, we all know that the site needs good SEO content. It is also a good idea if the content is regularly updated. Of cause you want to place information relevant to the theme of your website, so you write articles and place them on the site. For your site to reach as large an audience as possible (getting lots of traffic), it is especially in the beginning necessary to think about using very specific and targeted keywords within your content and this is part of what I mean with SEO web design and SEO content.

Before you begin putting your SEO content together you should do some keyword research to determine which ones are searched on a lot and also how heavy the competition is for those keywords. There are many options for this such as Wordtracker or GoodKeywords – invaluable tools in SEO web design. You simply enter a broad keyword and wait for the result. After that you have to look through the resulting keywords/phrases and select the ones that are most relevant to your website. Try and Google those selections one at a time to see how many sites Google can find and stick to keywords with fewer results in Google, since the competition for those keywords wont be so high. Those keywords will usually also be more targeted and this is what I call basic keyword research.

The next step is to incorporate those selected keywords (3-5 of them) into your SEO web design by writing SEO content for your website based around them. If the purpose of your website is to sell or promote a particular product it is a good idea that you also think about the meaning of the keywords, before selecting which ones you want to use. The idea here is to find keywords which indicates that the user who entered it in a search is actually ready to buy something. If for instance you are promoting a piece of software, say an FTP client you would ideally want keywords such as “buy ftp client”, “download ftp client” or “best ftp client”. This is because the phrase “ftp client” in itself is very broad so competition will be higher and if you are going to support the traffic generating process with a Google AdWords campaign you don’t want to pay for clicks from people looking for “ftp client review” for example. So basically this should also be a part of your keyword research

There is an alternative to writing articles in the SEO web design process or at least an additional option: RSS feeds. With the use of a simple script (such as RSS2HTML) you can have fresh articles displayed directly on your website. This is good since the feed is “live” and will always contain the latest information. You should select feeds from article directories and of cause relevant (sub)categories within said directories. Now even though you choose feeds from a relevant category it is not guarantied that all the articles you get are as relevant as you would like and this is not optimal for SEO content. Fortunately you can get scripts that include customizable filters. In those filter you would put your selected keywords. A good idea is to look for a script that can merge several feeds into one to make sure you get enough articles when filtering. Always try to have something like 20+ articles displayed. One other important thing about RSS scripts is DO NOT use a Java script for this particular purpose. In order for the search engines to “read” the content of the feed, the script must be executed on the web server and Java code is always run on the client (user’s PC).