For most businesses search engine optimization is top priority for their websites. The only problem is they do not understand SEO.

Actually SEO is fairly easy to understand and if you want to have your website seen and possibly even make money then SEO needs to be happening. Google’s spiders will crawl the web and the and return pages its spiders think is the most relevant and most authoritative page for any given search. It seems that most people understand this process, The problem they seem to run into is how to make their pages meet these easy requirements.

The most efficient thing to do is to think about the people carrying out the search. If you are a web designer and your keyword research has found lots of people search for web design online for example, ask yourself what these people might want to find. Ask yourself what kind of resource you could build that would encourage other sites to link to yours, ask what you would want to find in the search results pages when carrying out this search.

What is SEO?

What is SEO or what does SEO mean, as it applies to your online business basically means that your website and all of your content from new web pages to articles and even picture captions incorporate common keywords or key phrases which allow people to find them on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. The answer to the question, what is SEO and how it can work for your business means building your entire marketing strategy around getting potential clients to see the products you offer.

Understanding the meaning of SEO starts with understanding how people find websites on the internet in the first place. Let’s say for example that you sell a particular type of wall posters that have unique catchphrases. A potential client who might be looking for a different type of wall poster is going to do a search on Google or Yahoo for example and type in a query such as “Where to buy posters” and a results page is going to show up with a list of links to websites that best fit the query that was entered. From that list, the person is most likely to select the ones closest to the top of the page and then start visiting the websites listed.

If your website is Search Engine Optimized, then you should have incorporated certain keywords or key phrases into your domain address, web pages content to give your website the best chance to hold the spot at the top of a search results page. So SEO means you must select the right keywords or phrases that draw in the people who are most likely to purchase from your business. Of course in the example used it may appear that “marketing” would be an obvious keyword, but there are many different companies that sell marketing so you will want to select other keywords or phrases that more exactly describe what you are selling such as “custom online marketing” or perhaps “text link SEO” and you get the idea. By being more precise with your SEO, you are more likely to draw in the type of clients/visitors who are most likely to make a purchase.

SEO is a challenging task to complete but the principles are pretty simple. First you need to come up with a plan.

Having high quality content is a must when doing SEO for search engines the correct way. You should not over use keywords. Make sure they are placed naturally throughout the page content without over doing. There are many schools of thought on keyword density and placement, but a good rule of thumb is to make sure it is in the first and last paragraph and a few other times evenly throughout the page if they can be included naturally. Back links need to be used even more sparingly, ideally once per webpage or content piece.

Keywords have to be in the plan and then you have to start working on link building.

In SEO, incoming links from other sites or inbound links in a site which back links to another site or in general inward links to a site from another site is known as backlinks. In common SEO term “A link from a website to another website”. In short back-link is a hyper link which leads to a site (SEO site) from another site (marketing site) with a clickable link, which enable the users/visitors of the SEO site to Marketing site. The more inward or inbound links you have toward your site will help your site’s/blog’s page rank, Search engine ranking position and high authority in the view of Search engines.

In these SEO day’s back-links may be of any type ranging from Anchor texts, Comments, Trackbacks, Forum profiles, Social Bookmarking, Blog posts, wiki pages, Etc. The more inward links you have towards your site is the more positive result when your target keyword is searched in search engines. Experts suggest that high authority high pr backlinks is way more effective than hundreds of non high pr backlinks.

You need to start building link partners, find sites that have a high page rank and are willing to exchange links with you. You may need to exchange a well written article for a link or even buy the link but ask the web master if you could use your own words for keywords and anchor text.

If you do not think that you will be able to produce excellent SEO, then there are SEO Writer services, SEO Training by professionals online to make your life easier and get your website and company where they need to be in order for your business to start making that money you have been dreaming of so you can live the life you want to live.