Managing Your Panels

In Banners Broker panels need to be activated with something called Traffic Hits. This is like the fuel to move the panels so they make money. It’s like buying a car. Just because you bought it doesn’t mean it will move. You need to put petrol into it to make it move. So traffic hits are like the fuel needed to drive the panels. Because the value of panels of different colors varies, there are different traffic amounts required for each colored panel – these are detailed later in this post.

If you still don’t grasp this idea of Traffic Hits think of it like a points system. You need so many points to activate your panels. Technically, Banners Broker are “driving” traffic to your panels to get them to complete and make you money!

But you will be very happy to know that the first purchase of a Package of Panels comes with free or Complementary Traffic Hits to qualify or activate them so they increase in value twice! You will notice the word “Complimentary” on your panels. That’s complimentary or free traffic so that you panels will activate or as Banners Broker say “Qualify”.

When a panel has been activated with complimentary traffic given by Banners Broker to get you started, it says “Panel Qualified Complimentary”.

How to Get Traffic

As stated, after you buy your Banners Broker package, the first two cycles are activated with complimentary or free traffic. To get your panels to Qualify or activate for a 3rd, 4th time etc you need these traffic hits. Traffic Hits can be gotten in two ways:

Firstly, if you refer people below you who sign up and purchase a package, Banners Broker will give you “Sales Credit Traffic Hits”. We just call them Sales Credits. Banners Broker will give you up to half the value of the panel that the person bought under you.

For Example: A Yellow panel needs 5,000 traffic hits. Banners Broker will give you 2,500 traffic hits if your referral buys a Yellow panel below you. That means 2 sales of Yellow panels directly below you will give you 5000 traffic hits which is enough to activate one Yellow panel of yours. A Yellow panel waiting to be “Qualified” with traffic would say “Qualify Panel, 5000 Traffic Required”.

Note that if your referral has a lot of panels qualified, you will get a lot of sales credits to activate your panels, and as their panel numbers grow so do your sales credits.

Secondly, you can buy traffic hit Called “Traffic Packs” at $50 which gives you 50,000 Traffic Hits, enough to qualify $200 worth of panels. They will give you 50,000 more, complimentary, making it 100,000 if you are applying them to your Publishing panels rather than using them for your own personal advertising campaigns.

Once you have the Traffic all you need to do is click the square on the right of the panel that says: “Qualify Panel Traffic Required”. Banners Broker will do the rest. If you have sales credit traffic that will be used up first. If you had to buy traffic then that will be used as the second choice.

No Referrals Needed – Buying Traffic

Of course it better to get free traffic by referring Banners Broker to your friends, but for those who don’t want to do this there is still the option of buying traffic packs, and you can still make a very good living by operating your Banners Broker business this way. This is one of the key features of Banners Broker which sets it apart from other business opportunities and MLMs and opens it up to a much wider variety of people who perhaps have tried and struggled with Network Marketing in the past.

Viewing Your Available Traffic

To see what traffic you have, hit the tab that says “Traffic Bank”

Where it says “traffic available for each panel” over the coloured panels, this is where your sales credit traffic tally is recorded for each color of panel. Lets suppose this shows Green and Blue Sales Credits in the boxes of the same color. Also there is a box that says “General Traffic”, this is the tally for Traffic you have bought using $50 traffic packs. General traffic is more flexible in that it can be used in conjunction with panels of any color.

Approximate Times for Panels to Complete

Here is the approximate length of time it takes for your Banners Broker panels to complete or to “Reach their traffic cap” These may be subject to change. They are included here as a guide to help you calculate and manage your Banners Broker account better.

Yellow 4-5 weeks,

Purple 5-6 weeks

Blue 6-7 weeks

Green 7-8 weeks

Red 10-12 weeks

Black 30-34 weeks

Please note that for the first two times, your package panels take twice as long as stated above: The exception seems to be the yellow panel that completes quite quickly.

First Time Takes:

PACKAGE Yellow 1/2 weeks- Possibly less!

PACKAGE Purple 10-12 weeks

PACKAGE Blue 12-14 weeks

PACKAGE Green 14-16 weeks

PACKAGE Red 20-22 weeks

PACKAGE Black 60-68 weeks

Second time through is the same time scale as above. Subsequent timings are as per the first set above.

When a panel reaches its traffic cap, twice the value of the panel is credited to your e-wallet and a new panel of the same value is re-purchased. So its apparent that with free traffic this equates to a doubling of the value of that panel. With bought traffic a $50 traffic pack is enough to qualify $200 worth of panels – so this equates to 1.75 times the value of the original panels – still very profitable.