In this article you will discover some of the most effective SEO tactics that can increase your site ranking and attract more people to go to your website, without spending too much money. First, you will discover four key areas that you can optimize on your website. Then we will talk about getting links from other websites. After reading this article, you should be able to start optimizing your website and get a better ranking on a search engine.

Optimizing your website to get better ranking

There are a lot of things that will affect the ranking of your website on a search engine. And here are four important elements that have crucial effect on your search engine ranking:

  • Page Title: you need to ensure that the title of the website or webpage has your main targeted keyword. Usually it is a keyword in your industry that you would like to rank for. It will be ideal if your main keyword is inside your domain name.
  • The content: A search engine will go through your content and see if your content really matches what you said in title. It is achieved by mentioning your keyword, or variation of keyword, several times in your webpage. Those keyword variations are called “long tail” keywords, which is discussed below.
  • Target “long tail” keywords: These keywords are the variation of the targeted keyword. The reason why you should target them is that, if you are mentioning the same exact keyword many times in the article, both human and a search engine will find that it is not natural to read, which will result in lower ranking. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to mention the same thing in different style, or mention it in different ways. No matter how you are doing it, your objective is to make your webpage easy to read by both human and a search engine.
  • High quality content: it is probably the most important but overlooked point. Try your best to write something that is useful or interesting, and both human and a search engine will want to read, share and like it.

Getting links to your site

Another important element in SEO is getting links. However, the quality of link is more important than that of quantity. A link coming from a high authority news site will be more valuable than a link coming from a newly created forum. High authority sites include but not limited to: articles sites, news sites and high traffic volume forums. Posting an article to those site or leaving a post on forum with your website link can help your search engine ranking.

Although links coming from external site are critical to your ranking, internal links are also important. Internal link is the link pointing to another page within the same site. Suppose you have a product page and a blog post talking about that product, the link authority from that blog post to the product page still counts. And in search engine, the ranking of that product page will be higher than that of blog post.