As an online marketer, you must know that search engines drives in the major percentage of your prospective business opportunities. Hence, you must consider building up a website, which is functional as well as search-engine friendly. So is important the visual appearance of the site. Many designers focus on building a website stuffed with flash movies, stunning images, streaming audio, which increases the visual appeal of the site. However, these are not the elements which are going to get the business prospects for you. Rather, they can affect your search rank negatively, thereby making you lose many lucrative prospects. Keep in mind that relevant content and cutting-edge technology won’t do any good if the website is not search friendly.

If you wonder why it is essential to build up a SEO friendly website, go through this article. But, before that, you must know what this SEO is all about. Let’s take a look here.

Search engines collect important information from the website to evaluate the relevance of a website for a set of keywords. For this purpose search engines make use of web spiders to crawl through the websites and collect information. These crawlers are coded accordingly so that they can perform the job automatically and store the collected information in a database. When a keyword is put in the search box, the crawlers looks through the database to find relevant pages. Accordingly, the user gets all the listed pages in the search mechanism. Most relevant pages fetch higher ranks, while the less relevant ones come at the bottom.

Now, we must discuss some important reasons for creating a SEO friendly website that attract lucrative business opportunities.

First, a significant number of surveys reveal that about 60% of web traffic comes from web searches. Hence, to attract your target audience who can be your future customers, a search engine friendly website is a primary requirement.

SEO friendly website is always easy to use. It is made with appropriate HTML tagging, proper keywords strategically placed, relevant content, meta tags, ALT tags, important links and so on. As a result, user faces no difficulty in accessing the page and navigating to the sub pages.

A SEO friendly website often increases the brand value of your website. Thus your credibility also increases in the market, which helps you reach to a larger audience.

Let’s gear up and start creating a SEO friendly website today.