The pandemic may have caused absolute havoc for many businesses, but for Richard and Tracy Vinzhe, owners of Olden Organics in Ripon, it became an opportunity.

In March 2020, when the pandemic shut down almost everything, the Vinzhes lost their primary source of income – selling at farmer’s markets throughout the region. They had large quantities of produce and vegetables that had been cultivated and grown in their greenhouses, and didn’t want them to go to waste.

To seize the moment, Tracy set up a website on Shopify and started selling online.  Orders were taken each week with delivery on Fridays.  

“People loved the idea of fresh, locally grown produce and wanted to support farmers,” explained Nick Wood of Green Bay. “Because it is such a close-knit community, they had relationships with vendors from Milwaukee to Green Bay. Many of those vendors asked if they could also sell on the website and the number of vendors grew.”

It grew so much, in fact, that it became difficult to the Vinzhes to manage along with their large, organic farm. That’s when Wood entered the picture. In August 2021, he came to an agreement with the Vinzhes to purchase the ecommerce business they had developed. At the time, the business was named Local Food to Your Doorstep.

“Before we started (he has two investors), we discussed marketing and branding and thought that the name ‘Farm Fresh Express’ was punchier and easier to remember,” Wood said. “We searched out the URL and the name was available, but because it was considered ‘key word rich,’ Go Daddy wanted $15,000 for the domain.”

That led to the decision to change the name to Farm Fresh Xpress, a name that was available at the regular price of $19.  It also led to one of the greatest challenges to the growth of the business.

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