Catalogs are a useful advertising tool. As the world becomes more digital, FlipHTML5 helps advertisers to reach audiences with a virtual catalog that increases sales.

Catalogs are a great tool to bring attention to a business’s products or services and encourage people to buy them. Businesses have long used catalogs as a marketing tool, sending beautiful, glossy books to potential customers. But as times change, advertising strategies must change too. Many things are now done digitally, including shopping. As such, a virtual catalog is a more effective advertising tool than a printed one. Plus, a virtual catalog offers many advantages over a printed one. FlipHTML5 is the place to create a virtual catalog that converts.

Marketers don’t have to abandon their existing advertising strategy altogether. They can turn the plans for their printed catalog into a stunning virtual catalog with FlipHTML5. All they need to do is upload a PDF version of the catalog and the pictures to FlipHTML5 and they will be automatically converted into an interactive virtual catalog. They can pick a template for the layout of the catalog and beautify it with a theme or background.

Simple pictures are not enough to hold the attention of today’s audiences. With so much vying for their attention, they will move on to something more appealing if the virtual catalog is dull. That’s why FlipHTML5 enables advertisers to add videos, audio, animations, GIFs, and other multimedia to a virtual catalog so they can keep audiences engaged. Advertisers can also insert URLs for their product pages or online store to make it easier for customers to shop from the virtual catalog.

FlipHTML5 offers advertisers several options for sharing their virtual catalog with potential customers. They can export the catalog to their computer and distribute it on USB or CD/DVD. Alternatively, they can upload the virtual catalog to the FlipHTML5 cloud for free storage and web hosting. From there, they can get a URL that’s perfect for an email campaign or social media blitz. Users can arrange multiple catalogs in the virtual bookcase.

Potential buyers often turn to search engines to find items they wish to buy. FlipHTML5 has SEO options that will boost the ranking of a virtual catalog on search engines.

“We’re happy to provide a way for our users to create a virtual catalog,” says Jackie Peng, Customer Service of FlipHTML5.

For more on creating a virtual catalog, please visit FlipHTML5.

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