Why do you want to go for SEO or what are your SEO goals?

This is very important before you invest time in this new area. Before proceeding with SEO try to figure out how much sales your existing website generated and how much extra sales you may want to generate post search engine optimizing your website. This simple analysis on what you want your prospects to do after visiting your website will be extremely helpful for you to focus on your SEO goals.

Secondly, webmasters cannot proceed with SEO without identifying their respective keywords and/or key phrases. This is more for those that do not have a clear view of their niche market or their respective target audience, their prospects, and what unique you offer to your customers. Therefore, try to figure out the keywords that are likely to come to your website and for this a competition analysis can always be helpful. Then identify your target market/markets and your targeted customers individually and figure out what exactly you want to offer them.

Next, try to promote your website applying different SEO strategies and tactics to realize your SEO goals.

However, there are articles that help you to hone your SEO strategies and tactics, I want to now emphasize on SEO blunders that webmasters commit. These blunders cost them a lot in their PR as well as their sales indirectly.

Do not have sitemap on your website? A missing sitemap on the website can make a website that’s designed excellent with great content also literally useless, because all of the search engines do scan the sitemap. Although, it does not cost extra to insert one, webmasters do pay little attention to this but pay heavy price for it. A website with sitemap can be a SEO website.

Webmasters should always remember that their respective websites get a better chance of being ranked if their websites are submitted to major as well as minor search engines and directories. Inadequate submissions will lead to downfall.

If the customers like your website they would want to contact you nd a website with just company profile and no contact information is useless. The contact address should be clearly indicated on the website, lest customers will get confused and will leave your so called SEO website in no time.

A website with a complicated website cannot please ordinary people (although I do not know if technical people can appreciate it). Such a site can only be confusing to the visitors. Try and a make a simple but attractive design of your website and always slip in your customers shoes and view your site if you find a modification is called for, attend to it without any delay.

Ensure, that as a webmaster with SEO goals as your best interest, that you do not commit these SEO blunders and cause a downfall of your website PR. Ensure that you follow the ethical SEO strategies and tactics and you can reap good returns from your SEO website.