Whether you are looking to become a stockbroker, futures broker, insurance agent or real estate agent – you will need to complete broker training to get a necessary license. Online or distance training is meant to give you an understanding of the job, but also to prepare you for whichever licensing exam you will be sitting for. For the above careers, becoming a broker means completing training and passing a license test.


To become a licensed stockbroker you must complete broker training to study and pass the Series 7 exam and most likely the Series 63 test as well. Other exams may be required as you move along your broker career. This type of broker career is normally for people looking to earn money through commission sales. Once the Series 7 is passed, there will be ongoing training to help you become successful on your job.

A stockbroker will normally train to sell all types of investments such as bonds, stocks, mutual funds and others. This is a profession where the broker learning and training really never ends. How to prospect, learning new product and other issues are a continuous part of being a financial sales broker. There is also continuing education that will be required.

Futures and Commodities

An career area of the online broker training environment is the futures and commodities market. To become one, a person must pass the Series 3 exam. This test normally requires 4-6 weeks of online or distance training before a person can pass this license exam. Futures brokers work in a high paced and fairly high stressed area of the financial market. The person will work within the FOREX and foreign exchanges. The training is ongoing in this industry as well.

There are many fast moving shifts and parts to the commodities and futures market, so a broker must be aware of not only the procedures to help him or her earn money, but the rules and regulations associated with his license. There is continuing education (CE) that is required ongoing.


The insurance industry has grown tremendously over the years and there is a good amount of broker training that is needed to not only pass your state insurance exam, but to become educated on what it takes to become a successful broker – on the job. Insurance agents can be licensed in life, property, health and more. Online training is used in this industry to prepare trainees to pass the state exam and each person must maintain their broker license through effective continuing education training.

Each state has it’s own exam that agents must train to pass. The basics of insurance type are part of each test, but there are also state laws that pertain only to that state – which is part of the training.

Real Estate

A very popular profession where thousands are training this very moment is that of a real estate broker. As with insurance, each state has requirements that each person must meet to become a licensed real estate broker. A pre license test must be passed and then depending on the state – other exams as well.

Real estate agents are not only training to become licensed. They are learning ongoing. This constant education process takes them from their first moments of studying to become a broker, to post license learning, to CE, and also “on the job” training – which is never ending.

If you are looking to take advantage of the unlimited earning power that being an agent or broker gives, you may want to look into what it will take for you to become one. Many of these careers can be studied for online while you are still with your current job. Some can even be practiced part time. To become successful at being a stockbroker, insurance agent or real estate sales person – it starts with exam preparation and licensing, but ultimately your on the job training and ability to communicate and work hard will be what makes you successful.

Best Of Luck!